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The Firm & its Principal

R. Bouwmeester & Associates offers professional sun & shadow modeling services to private and public sector clients within the collision reconstruction, law enforcement, legal, insurance, architectural, land development, building and urban planning communities.

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We provide forensic sun position analyses related to crime scene investigation, traffic collision investigation, and collision reconstruction.  We also provide solutions to urban planning and building design and approval problems, whether to minimize the impact of potential shadowing or to optimize solar access and daylighting.  

A recent trend towards proactive building design has allowed us to be involved very early on in the development process.  More and more Clients turn to us for building height and massing studies ("Roof Sculpting") in an effort to minimze shadowing on sensitive spaces and to reduce approval times.

Ralph Bouwmeester, principal of the firm, is a professional civil engineer with over 40 years experience in land development and municipal engineering.  Ralph received a B.Sc. (Civil Engineering) degree from Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario, in 1976.  He is a member in good standing of Professional Engineers Ontario and the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, and he is qualified as a Level II On-Scene Collision Investigator.

Ralph has appeared before civil and criminal courts in Canada and the USA as well as before the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) (formerly Ontario Municipal Board (OMB)) as an expert witness in the field of sun and shadow position modeling.

He has presented papers to the Canadian Association of Technical Accident Investigators and Reconstructionists (CATAIR), Ontario Region, entitled:

- Sun and Shadow Modeling in Accident  Reconstruction (in PDF format), and
- Superimposing Sun Position and Total Station Survey Data into Drivers' Eye Perspective Photographs - A Case Study

In addition, he presented, Virtual  Modeling of Tall Buildings - Sun & Shadows, to the Higher Learning Symposium in Toronto, Ontario, on October 19, 2006. 

Mr. Bouwmeester's work has been featured in a number of newspaper articles in recent years.  Reprints are available at the links below. 

 1998 - Barrie Advance - Helping opportunity knock, by Donna Douglas
 1999 - Toronto Star - Working in sun and shadow, by Robert Burg
 2001 - National Post - Lurking in the shadows, by Guy Babineau
 2003 - Dallas Fort Worth Star Telegram - Shedding light on sun glare, by Gordon Dickson
 2004 - Des Moines Register - Drivers, beware of sun's glare, by Tom Alex
 2004 - Des Moines Register - Sun blamed in 1 death, 2 collisions, by Tom Alex
 2005 - Des Moines Register - Equinox driving, by Jeff Bash
 2005 - East Valley Tribune - Equinox means more problems for commuters, by Mike Branom
 2007 - Toronto Star - Our Places in the Sun - The Shadow Factor, by Stephen Weir
 2008 - Des Moines Register - Seasonal Danger - sun glare graphic
 2010 - Omaha World-Herald - Sun is a glaring change, by Nancy Gaarder
 2011 - Times Herald-Record - A sure sign of autumn: sun glare when driving, by Judy Rife
 2012 - The Record - Cresskill crossing guard struck by Weehawken principal's car, sun glare a possible factor, police say, by Deena Yellin and Rebecca D. O'Brien
 2015 - The Record - Seasonal blind spots easily turn deadly, by John Cichowski
 2018 - CBC News - City's new downtown plan aims to prevent high-rise shadows on parks, create 'livable' communities, by Lauren Pelley
 2018 - Toronto Star - As Toronto gets more and taller condos, the city is left grappling with shadows, by Donovan Vincent

TV and radio interviews can be seen and heard at the links below.

2018 - GlobalTV National News - Our April TV interview in connection with the Humboldt Broncos bus crash.
2018 - 
CityNews Toronto - Our May TV interview in connection with the City of Toronto's new Downtown Plan that aims to preserve sunlight on downtown parks.
2018 -
Global News Radio (AM640) - Our November radio interview with Kelly Cutrara on AM640 - talking shadows from high-rise condos in Toronto and what the City does/can do to minimize them.

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