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Shadow Impact Assessment of Monster Home Buildng Addition


To determine the amount of direct sunlight lost during the spring season at an existing Bay Window due to a proposed addition to a house next door.


  • FIG 1 shows existing conditions 

  • FIG 2 shows 2-storey addition proposed on west side of south house

  • owner of house to north objects to proposed addition

  • grounds for objection: loss of sunlight on Bay Window

Impact on Bay Window on March 21:

  • existing house casts shadow on Bay Window until 12:24 pm on March 21st (See shading on FIG 1)

  • proposed addition casts shadow on Bay Window until 2:36 pm on March 21st (See shading on FIG 2)

  • the proposed addition results in the loss of 2 hours 12 minutes of direct sunlight on March 21st

    (Roof peak and eave line heights are shown in feet.)

existing shadows proposed shadows

FIG 1 - Existing

FIG 2 - Proposed

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Another sample can be found here (PDF)

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