Sun & Shadow Position Specialists
with Modeling Applications in
Collision and Crime Scene Reconstruction,
Urban Development, Site Planning and Building Design

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R. Bouwmeester & Associates, a civil engineering firm, provides 

specialized sun and shadow position modeling services related to 

collision and crime scene reconstruction, 

forensic photo/video analysis, and 

urban development, site planning and building design projects.

Initial consultations are free of charge.

The modeling is carried out through the use of a computer model developed by Ralph Bouwmeester 

which simulates the daily "motion" of the sun and calculates its position in the sky 

relative to any location on earth at any time - past, present or future.

In the collision and crime scene reconstruction fields we are called upon 

to confirm historical sunrise and sunset times, 

to determine the sun's position relative to the field of view of a driver (or pedestrian), 

to determine the limits of shaded vs. sunlit areas, and 

to provide general input related to glare, blinding, contrast, shadowing, visibility, ambient lighting, etc.

We also provide investigators with alternate dates and times 

at which a scene can be visited and photographed 

under similar lighting conditions (e.g. including daylight, dawn and dusk).

In addition, we conduct forensic shadow analyses of photos and videos 

to determine (or confirm) the date and time they were taken. 

Alternatively, if the date and time are known, we can narrow down the location 

where the photo or video may have been taken.

In the fields of urban development, site planning and architecture we are called upon 

to prepare shadow impact studies, solar access studies and daylighting analyses.  

Shadow impact studies include 

technical reports and drawings showing the predicted shadow patterns of proposed building projects.  

From these we determine how much sunlight 

will be lost in specific locations as a result of the building project.  

Solar access and daylighting studies allow architects and planners to maximize exposure to sunlight 

in specific areas within a building (e.g. sunroom, living room, etc.) or on a site (e.g. pool, patio, etc.).

Enquiries are always welcome, and our Clients throughout the world 

appreciate our prompt and personal responses. 

Do you need to know a historical sunrise/sunset time for a collision investigation, 

or a future sunset time for an outdoor wedding?  

We would be happy to provide the answers... free.  

We regularly answer questions such as...

...what time was sunrise(set)?
...what was the direction of the sun at sunrise(set)?
...what was the position of the sun relative to the field of view of the driver?
...could the sun have impaired the driver's vision?
...was the pedestrian stepping out of shade?
...what time will the sun rise(set)?
...what will be the direction of the sun at sunrise(set)?
...how many hours of daylight will there be?
...where will shadows from the proposed building fall?
...how will my property be affected by shadowing from the proposed building?
...how can I modify my building design to minimize shadowing next door?
...where is the sunniest location for my pool or patio?

Mr. Bouwmeester provides expert witness testimony in the field of sun position modeling. 

He has appeared as an expert witness before criminal and civil courts in 

vehicle collision cases and criminal investigations, and before

the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) (formerly Ontario Municipal Board (OMB)) in land development application hearings. 

The firm provides

opinion letters, technical analyses and reports, and CAD drawings 

(including plan views and 3D driver's eye perspectives). 

Mr. Bouwmeester is available to address seminars and conferences on this topic.

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